About Our League

  1. What is Upward Sports?


  1. How do I register my child?
  2. What are the eligible ages?
  3. How much does it cost to participate?
  4. Do you offer player scholarships?
  5. Do you offer Early Registration?


  1. What are the purpose of evaluations?
  2. Do you have a web page that explains Evaluations in detail?


  1. What are the typical team sizes?
  2. Will my daughter play against only girls or both girls and boys?
  3. What is included in the jersey box?


  1. What is the typical structure of an Upward practice?
  2. Are practices the same weeknight at the same time? And where are they held?
  3. What size ball will my child use?

Game Day

  1. What are the equipment requirements for my child?
  2. When and where are the games?
  3. What do I do about rain?

Awards Celebration

  1. When is the Closing Celebration?


  1. Can I sign up online to volunteer?
  2. How much of a time commitment is it to coach?
  3. What does Upward provide for its coaches?
  4. Is there any online help for the coaches throughout the season?
  5. I’ve heard all the horror stories about youth sports and referees. How in the world do you get people to serve as officials in light of all the trauma they endure?
  6. Is there any online help for the referees?
  7. Do you have a detailed web page for Coach FAQ’s?

About Our League