Saturday March 26th Game Report

Week 2 Saturday March 26th
Falcons Vs. Hawks 

A bunch of crows is called a “Murder.”(a bunch of money is called a killin’)

Flocks of Hawks AND Falcons are called a “Cast”. On Saturday both groups of players gave Tony worthy performances. 

But it was not just skillz that merited  a standing ovation. Critics universally agreed the scripture memorization and attention shown during half time must receive 👍👍.

Seeing both teams with their heads reverently bowed Coach Perez quipped, “Falcons and Hawks, birds of “prey-Er…get it?” 

“Stick with coaching,” Falcons head coach Katy Mayfield insisted.

The serious foot finesse and sportsmanship displayed by these winged raptors was like the preceding pun:  No laughing matter. 

Cougars Vs. Cheetahs 
Bethany Maynard got the scoring off to a quick start with a glider that had more English than a Mumford &Sons concert…in London!

A minute later Coach Wardell had the Cougars on the board:

Then it was back and forth like that odd YouTube video of kitties playing ping pong:

These cats were also cool during the devotion. Many said the memory verse and one offered to pray before restarting game.

See you Thursday-Anthony.
Don’t grow weary in doing good.
Galatians 6:9

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