No Tomatoes Please…

I’ve got good news and ba…no…

“not as good of news as it could have been yet still fairly decent considering.
Which do you want first? 
Ok. Good news….we will have our jerseys and player materials before the game on Saturday!
Not as good of news as it could have been…they get here Friday! (See how is still used an exclamation mark…it’s all in the presentation)

Without going on and on about how it is totally the sports organization that will here go unmentioned’s fault even though it really is because new unannounced policy changes and required waiting periods between orders that the person I spoke with on the phone two weeks ago said were overridden and I was good to complete the order…which I did yet the wait period had NOT been over ridden and so the order had not shipped….
I’ll do the manly thing and say, blame Butch.
Jk. Buck stops with me. 
To save confusion the boxes WILL arrive tomorrow. I am coming up to our offices on my off day to sit and wait so I can receive FedEx.
I’ll post when they arrive. Depending on how long I’ll be in the office after they get here if anyone wants to swing by and get theirs they may. Otherwise coaches will distribute Saturday morning. There will be time and space allotted for players to change.
Thank you for being patient.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matthew 6:14

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