We kicked off the Soccer Season by Kicking. 

After that it Was a day full of Blown expectations! Captain America registered this year? Who knew!

Well Not everyone wore capes Saturday but all participated like super heroes!
Starting with the coaches and players for the Hawks vs the Falcons game. Both teams passed the ball between teammates at least 1 or 2 times before kicking a combined total of 9 goals!

These teams played like they had been coached. During the game you could here the teams leaders making statements like the following:

“Birds of these feathers are really sticking together out there!” Wow….a demonstration of true teamwork,” -Cindy Perez Hawks

And with sideline shouting like the following,Coach Bobga made sure the golden rule was never substituted during a rotation.
“Come on! It’s 10 to 15! Pick it up out there !”

Astonished I  asked her, “Coach are you counting goals?”

“No! High Fives and “way to goes”…give to the other team, ” Coach Katy clarified.

Next it was time for  the land mammals to battle…let’s just say no one dared to let the dogs out. It was an all out cat-fight! (metaphorically speaking and in Christian Love)

The Cougars vs. The Cheetahs. From the opening kick to that weird but awesome  parent tunnel thing, the fans purred watching simply fantastic feline Fútbol!

Should we have expected less? Not with these Two coaches headed for History.

Wardell Wade. There is a capital letter and punctuation. Now That’s a sentence. The Tom Landry of SWBC soccer.

Jimmy May. Enough said as well. 1st year in our league and his only rookie mistake was letting some fan take my seat on the team bench and use all my sunscreen. Oh well-his future is so bright she will need to share. Rookie of the year?

We had a mid game devotion from Micah 6:8 about being fair, kind and humble in all that we do…and well…everyone was. Thank you God for a wonderful season opener.
Jerseys come in this week-uniforms not cows.

Cows are next week.
See you Thursday-Anthony

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