Diamonds shined like the sun

img_5880.jpgDiamonds vs Sparks Warning!

Staring at this game may cause temporary blindness. What a bright start to the season. From the opening kick to the final whistle – the Sparks set it on fire and the Diamonds shined like sun. This game burned with so much intensity it’s now listed as evidence for global warming. As they say… it’s all over now but the Aloe Vera.

Dynamo vs Tornadoes

How do you know when the Tornadoes and Dynamo just played? All the sirens are set off and power won’t turn on… thankfully the Dynamo generated enough electricity – no one even noticed. All players were plugged in and determined to blow spectators away from the opening prayer to the closing parental tunnel run through thingy. If you missed it make sure to get the straight to DVD surprise blockbuster starring these two teams – DYNADO! Jesus Is The Lord!

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